Download Doctor Web Antivirus 11.5.0 – Mobile Care App Free Version

publish date: 1 December 2021

Dr. Web – Drweb is one of the applications for protecting mobile phones against viruses and thieves. Today, in this post, we are going to introduce the free Dr. Web. If you are also looking to increase the security of your mobile phone or tablet, I suggest that you stay with us.

Download Doctor Web Antivirus 11.5.0 - Mobile Care App Free Version

Increasing mobile phone security has always been one of the concerns and questions of users. When you’re working online, it’s important to stay safe. By downloading Doctor Web with a license, you can increase the security of your mobile phone to a great extent in various fields. In the rest of this post, we will get to know the capabilities of this security hackbot, so follow us.

Scan files selectively in Doctor Web

One of the very good and convenient features of Dr. Web is the selective scanning of files and folders. Suppose that you have downloaded the file and you have doubts about its health. You want to make sure that the downloaded file is not infected with a virus. There are two ways to do this. The first way, which is very long and boring, is to scan all the files of the mobile phone. But the second solution is to scan the downloaded file.

By using this feature, which will be provided to you after downloading the full version of Dr. Web, you can easily download the files you suspect and stop worrying about virus files. This feature gives you many possibilities. Scanning devices for viruses is always a tedious task. Suppose you have 60 gigs of data in your mobile phone, if you want to scan this amount, it will waste a lot of your time. But you can scan your files very quickly with the ability to selectively scan files in the free Dr. Web antivirus program.

Fast detection of viruses with Dr Web

Another feature that every antivirus program should have is the quick detection and detection of viruses. This feature is so important that if an antivirus does not have it, you should avoid installing and using it. According to Dr. Web site, this feature is well implemented in this application. When a virus enters your mobile phone, it is tracked and intercepted very quickly by this application.

This feature is very important. Suppose your cell phone is infected with a virus. If you can’t stop the growth of this virus quickly, this virus will definitely infect more files. But if you can track this virus very quickly and then delete it, you can save your other files and prevent them from being infected. All in all, relax your mind about the security of your mobile phone by using the Dr. Web program.

Prevent cell phone slowdowns with Dr. Web

Antiviruses are always scanning and searching mobile phones and computers. Therefore, due to the use of RAM, it slows down the speed of the device. This slowness of life is normal, but if he can stop it, it is very important for us. Dr. Web application has been able to solve the problem of slowness of the mobile phone well. When you use this application, the speed of the device will not drop. This allows you to enjoy the maximum speed of your mobile phone.

This will help you not to feel lag or slowness in your device. Of course, you should not forget that most antiviruses slow down mobile phones. But the free Dr. Web antivirus does not slow down the mobile phone and this is considered a trump card for this application.

Constantly updating Dr web

Those who are busy making viruses will never stop trying. Computer and mobile viruses will become more advanced day by day. This is progress in all fields. Viruses are using new ways to get into mobile phones. This progression will continue until they can eventually infect the device. Therefore, to deal with viruses, we must use an antivirus that is constantly being updated. Dr. Web program includes this feature.

Suppose you are using an old antivirus. The old antivirus is only to prevent the entry of old viruses. Now what happens if a new virus attacks your phone? The answer is quite clear. Your mobile phone is going viral. Dr. Web’s program has also thought well for this problem. One of the important features in the field of antiviruses is continuous updating. Dr. Web program also used this feature. This Android program is constantly being updated and makes it highly resistant to new viruses.

Block suspicious sites with Dr. Web for free

Another feature that you get by downloading Doctor Web license is blocking suspicious sites. What exactly does this feature do? You are active in different sites. One of these sites may be infected. This contamination of the site can be intentional or unintentional. But solutions should be considered against this pollution. Dr. Web’s program provides good measures for this.

Suppose you are going to enter a site. Dr. Web program checks the site before you try to enter it. If this antivirus sees that site as a virus, it will be blocked. You cannot enter that site. Dr. Web’s antivirus will stop you. This makes your mobile phone safe from harmful and annoying viruses, and this is the best option for you.

other facilities

  • Scan files and folders according to the user’s choice
  • Quickly detect viruses and remove them
  • Protection of Rome
  • Prevent mobile phone from slowing down
  • Automatic blocking of suspected contamination sites
  • Regular updates
  • Low battery usage
  • Persian language support
  • Preventing unwanted calls and text messages without the user’s permission
  • Beautiful user interface
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Dr. Web program from the Digiroyd website. We also suggest that you visit the site of the Digiroyd website.

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File info
  • platform: Android
  • version : 11.5.0
  • need root: No
  • need data : No
  • need internet: Yes
  • format : apk
  • size : 15 mb
  • developer: Doctor Web LTD


5/5 - (1 vote)

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