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Download 2048 4×4 – lite version for android

Challenging the mind and brain is one of the things that smart people are always looking for. If this challenge is accompanied by an interesting game, it can keep you satisfied to a great extent. For this purpose, today in this post from the DGRoid site, we will introduce you to the game 2048 4×4. If you are also looking for an interesting game to challenge your mind, stay with us in the rest of this post. At the end of the page, you can also download the game 2048 4×4. Don’t forget that you can also follow DGRoid Instagram page to learn about the latest games and applications. Now let’s go to the introduction of this interesting game

Download 2048 4x4 - Math Games

We live in a time when there are various games for mobile phones and Android OS. Some of them are action and others are sports or mystery. But here are other types of games which are very interesting which are called puzzle games. 2048 4×4, which we have put for you today on the DGRoid site, is also one of the same type of puzzle games. A puzzle game with an added element called math. In the following, we will introduce you to this Android game.

2048 4×4 is a fun game

Various things can be mentioned about the game 2048 4×4. But we are going to start from the beginning. When you enter the game for the first time, you are faced with a screen with 16 empty squares. Two of the squares have colored squares with numbers. Probably these two colored squares are filled with numbers 2 or 4. This is where your work as a player begins. You have to move the squares left, right, up or down. By doing this, the squares will collide and if they have the ability to fold, they will be added together.

You continue this until all the squares are added together and you have two 1024 numbers on your game board. Then two squares of 1024 will make a number equal to 2048 and you will win this game. Of course, this game has other types as well. Among the types of this math game, we can mention 2048 8×8 or 2048 5×5 game.

The secret of success in the game 2048 4×4

Different things make you win games. The same is true for 2048 4×4 or 2048 8×8. As we said many times above, this is a math game. But the condition to win this game is not to be a math teacher. You don’t need to be a math master to succeed in this game. just have to see the opportunities well and move the squares correctly.

You have to add the mathematical numbers of equal weight together. For example, you can only add 2 to 2 and 4 to 4. In this case, you can increase the value of the numbers and make more valuable squares. Finally, reach the two squares of 1024 and form the number 2048 and that’s it. you win. The game level of 2048 4×4 is high. But I am not worried about this because your intelligence level is also at a high level.

Don’t neglect Undo

As someone who has worked with 2048 4×4 many times, I have a recommendation. I will tell you this slowly. There is a button called Undo in this game. The use of this button is to take your movement back one step. You can use this button for things you have done wrong. But this button can be used in other ways. When all the squares are filled and you are no longer able to move (you lose), you can press the undo button. By repeating this several times, the game will give you a suitable number that you can use for your chance again.

It doesn’t matter if you use 2048 4×4 or 2048 5×5. This option is available in all versions of this game.

Other features of 2048 4×4

  • Light and compact
  • Entertaining
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Suitable for subway, bus and rest time
  • and other facilities
  1. Alex
    08 November 22

    Great game for android.