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Download Dr. H 1.1.2 – weight loss program for Android

Dr. H is a professional assistant for weight loss and using a proper diet. This Android application can bring you very close to slimming and fitness. In this program, we intend to fully introduce an attractive and practical Android program in the field of slimming and fitness. Stay with us and Dr. H until the end of this post.

Download Dr. H 1.1.2 - weight loss program for Android

Slimming and fitness are inseparable aspects of our lives as Iranians. Fatty and delicious Iranian food is always considered an enemy for our fitness. When our eyes are red, greasy and beautiful, we accidentally forget about diet and fitness and reach for the food pot with a quick movement. These things make our body go out of the normal and standard state. In the meantime, approaching special occasions like Nowruz makes us think about fitness. People use different ways to get in shape. But some also go to applications. Meanwhile, Dr. H application can be a suitable choice for you. With this program, you can follow your slimming path quickly. Now let’s review this Android program together .

Dr. H is your slimming doctor

There are many things that affect our slimness and fitness. Exercising is one of the best ways to reduce fat mass and turn it into muscle mass. But along with exercise, choosing a suitable and low-calorie diet can bring you very close to reaching your ideal weight. In other words, instead of trying to increase your body’s calorie output with exercise, you can reduce the amount of calories entering your body by choosing the right diet. In this case, you can reach your ideal weight in the beginning and maintain this ideal weight in the next step. Dr. H will help you a lot in this field.

One of the things that Dr. H suggests to you is my cooking. In this section, you just need to tell the application the name of the food you want. Then the application will give you the ingredients needed to cook that food according to the best food and health conditions. For example, you want to cook pasta. Just tell the application the name of this food. Then the Dr. H application will tell you the necessary ingredients and help you cook food with very few calories.

Some other features of the application

  • Introduction of alternative foods
  • My kitchen section
  • Tips on choosing restaurants
  • Offer a snack
  • 24 hour support
  • and other facilities

Now you can download this Dr. H Android program from the Digiroid site . Also, share your comments with us in order to improve the content of the website.