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Download Divar 11.4.9

Do you want to buy something? Do you want to sell your extra items? Don’t worry, you can do this by downloading the wall. Today we want to introduce you a very cool program. Of course, this program works so well that it does not need to be introduced. But today I want to introduce this program to you, dear users, from the series of posts related to the Android program. I hope you will like it. You will definitely like it.

Download Divar 11.4.9 - Internet requirements advertisement program for Android

Many times it happens that we have a device and we want to sell it because we don’t have a place to store it or we don’t need it. Or, for example, we want to increase our blood, God willing, we want to sell our blood. We want to give our blood for rent (God willing, all the dear tenants will be homeowners). We have a car, we want to sell it and get a higher model. Well, in these situations, the same sales process can take a lot of energy from us. To solve these problems, we introduce you the wall program.

A shopping category application for online needs. But is the wall program only for those who want to sell something? The answer is no. This Android application is also suitable for those who want to buy something. In the wall, you can find and buy many things at very reasonable prices. Of course, be careful because some people post fake ads. So before you make a purchase or, for example, deposit money for someone, make sure that the product is available.

But is the wall only for buying or selling goods, houses or cars? The answer to this question is no. Wall is an online advertisement program. That means you can find service or business ads inside it.

Search and filter:

One of the things that I like a lot and I always use it when entering the wall. The filter and search section is on the wall site. In this way, for example, if you are looking for a white 206 model 1390 car, you don’t need to scroll through all those ads. Just by using the powerful filter system of the wall, you can easily find this car. This service offers you cars that match your request.

Features of the wall application:

  • The possibility of posting ads
  • Ability to search among advertisements
  • The possibility of setting the filter based on your request to display ads in a targeted way
  • My wall to display your ads
  • The possibility of marking ads to save that ad for future access
  • and other facilities

Now you can download this Android app from the Digiroid website. Also, remember that you can support your website by following the Instagram page of DJ Raid .