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Download Digikala Jet 1.0.2 – shopping program from the supermarket for Android

Digikala Jet program is one of the newest and perhaps the best Android applications in the field of supermarket shopping. This Android application has made it very easy for users to make supermarket purchases. Today, in this post, we are going to introduce this program, which is also known as Jet Kala. So stay with us and DigiKala Jet until the end of this post.

Download Digikala Jet 1.0.2 - shopping program from the supermarket for Android

Shopping apps have a special place among Android apps, each of which does a specific job. The Digikala Jet program is built exactly on this basis. This Android app, helps you for supermarket shopping. This program, along with other shopping applications, has its own features and offers a special value to its customers and users. We will get to know these facilities later. In fact, the DigiKalaJet program, also known as KalaJet, has signed contracts with supermarkets near where you live or work. The products of these supermarkets are displayed in the application. After choosing these products, the desired product will be sent to you from the supermarket. In fact, the word “jet kala” is a correct word for Eni’s product. Unlike some similar applications, this service will deliver the item you want as soon as possible. Now let’s check other features of this application together.

High variety of goods in Digikala

There is a wide variety of products in the DigiKala Jet program. In fact, any type of supermarket product you can think of is available in this program. From chips and puffs to all kinds of detergents, everything is available to users on this platform. As we mentioned above, this service has made a deal with the supermarkets around you. For this reason, it can get you the products you want with a very high variety. All you have to do is to register in Digikala Jet, then you can access a lot of the products you want. But one of the other features of this application is sending products at a very high speed.

According to the announcement of Digikala Jet service, the desired goods of the customers will reach them in less than thirty minutes. The product you want from the nearby supermarket will reach you as soon as possible using the courier service of this platform. You can even track your desired product. For example, when you order a product from this program, you will be informed of its preparation process in real time. When the goods are delivered to the courier, you will be informed of the location of the motor courier in real time and you can make the necessary plans to receive the goods you want from this service. All you have to do is register on Digikala Jet.

Cheap shopping

Cheap shopping is one of the most enjoyable things for us Iranians. At the beginning of this section, I must add that sending goods on DigiKala Jet is completely free and you will not be charged. But another thing that will make shopping more enjoyable for you is the presence of nationwide discounts on most products. In this service, some or even most products are offered at a discount. For example, puffs or chips are offered on this platform ten to fifteen percent cheaper than the prices of other stores. Of course, these discounts are not only for food products and you can see them in other products and goods as well.

But another thing that greatly lowers the cost of your purchase is the use of the Digikala Jet discount code. It is possible to use a discount code in the DigiKala Jet program. You can get a suitable discount code for yourself through different ways. When your order is completed, you can enter the desired discount code in the Digikala Jet program exactly at the payment stage and use the discounts of this application.

Other facilities of Digikala Jet

  • Send goods in less than thirty minutes
  • High variety of goods
  • easy access
  • Smart search
  • Classification of goods
  • Beautiful and pleasant user environment
  • Free delivery of goods without paying courier fees
  • The number of stores
  • Easy payment of goods
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Digi Kala Jet program from the Digi Royd website. You can also use the Digikala Jet site to buy the products you want in addition to the application .