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Download Coach Bus Simulator – bus driving simulator game for Android

Coach Bus Simulator is one of the most attractive games for the Android operating system. Today, we are going to introduce another Android game in the category of driving games to you dear users of the DigiRoid website. If you are also looking for a light and interesting game in the style of driving, help us until the end of this post. Stay with us and the Dgroid website.

دانلود بازی Coach Bus Simulator 1.7.0‏ - بازی شبیه ساز رانندگی با اتوبوس برای اندروید

Simulator games have their own users and enthusiasts. This style of games, which is also known as Simulator, has different types and forms. For example, it is possible for you to manage a city in this style of games. Or you can manage a football team. But there is another type of simulation game called car driving. Coach Bus Simulator game is also in the same style and level. In this type of game, you are responsible for managing a bus. But what is the difference between this type of game and the driving category? We will answer this question below.

Introducing Coach Bus Simulator game

As we mentioned above, Coach Bus Simulator is a simulator game. But how is this simulator game different from driving games? In driving category games, your task as a user or player is only to drive. The rest of the marginal cases are not in your field of work. But in Coach Bus Simulator you have to pay attention to many things as a gamer. You have to consider a lot of small and big things. In this Android game you have to act like a professional bus driver. Start your bus and drive through the game environment. But that’s not all you have to do.

In this game, in addition to driving, you must also stop at the station. With this, pick up or drop off passengers. Finally, by doing this, you will receive an amount of money from the transfer of each passenger. By collecting these amounts, you can buy new buses for yourself and enjoy driving new buses. In Coach Bus Simulator game, it is very important to get the passengers to the stations safely and quickly. The feeling of driving city buses is very visible in this game. The beautiful view of the driver’s cabin makes you want to follow the game from the first person view. However, the graphics in this game are at a normal level and are acceptable.

You may want to play this game on PC. For this reason, look for the download of Coach Bus Simulator game for PC. But this game does not have a computer version, and to run it on a computer, you must use software such as BlueStacks or Nox. Now we will check other features of this game together.

Other game features

  • Beautiful game graphics
  • Models close to reality
  • Attractive and realistic sounds in the game
  • Game style close to reality
  • Using different buses
  • Day and night weather conditions
  • Hiring assistant driver
  • Smart traffic
  • and some other facilities