Download Cluby 1.8.8 – Club game for team management on Android

publish date: 21 April 2022

Club is one of the interesting games for the Android operating system. This game is one of the products of Fantori Studio. In this post, we are going to introduce the full club game. An attractive game that inspires the feeling of managing a football team to you, dear users. Using this Android game, you can do transfers, buy or sell players and other things related to a football team like a professional manager. Stay with us and introduce this Android game.

دانلود Cluby 1.8.8 - بازی کلابی برای مدیریت تیم در اندروید

Management is one of the basic needs for some users. Some users are always looking for management. We can do management work in various fields. Android game is also one of the things that we can use to satisfy our sense of management. Now what if this feeling is in the field of managing a football club? This is where football team management games come in handy. One of these games is a club game. In this Android game, you can beautifully manage a football team from the ground up. Improve your team by doing different things and enjoy the progress of your team to the fullest. We are at your service by introducing this game. You can also refer to the end of this post to download the new version of the club game.

Introducing the club game

As we mentioned above, the club game is one of the attractive games for the Android operating system. In this game you have to manage your team in the best possible way. Use your sense of management in the club game. As soon as you enter this Android game, a football team will be available to you, which you must take to the best places. But the most important thing is how to do it. Of course, the success of a football team depends on many things. For example, you should strengthen your team in terms of good and professional players and buy the best players for your team.

The success of a team does not end only with the players. As the manager of your football team, you must hire professional coaches for your team. You should hire a fitness trainer. By doing this, your team will be in a very good condition in terms of bodybuilding. Gradually and with the progress of your team, you should also increase the number of spectators. Increasing the audience plays a huge role in earning your club and makes your club earn good money. Be very careful in the transfers of your team. You should be able to buy affordable players for your team. It is very important to buy the best players for your football club in Clube.

If you like this Android game, we suggest you visit the download section of this game. By referring to the end of this post, you can download the club game with a direct link. You may also look for club game cheat codes to play the game more easily. We suggest you not to use cheat codes in games.

Other game features

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Attractive sounds
  • Buy a player
  • Recruitment of players
  • Increase in audience
  • Addictive gameplay
  • and some other facilities
5/5 - (2 votes)
download box
File info
  • platform: android
  • version : 1.8.8
  • need root: no
  • need data : No
  • need internet: yes
  • format : apk
  • size : 9 mb
  • developer: Fantori Studio


5/5 - (2 votes)

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