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Download Clean Master 7.5.3 – Clean Master program to optimize the Android device

Clean Master program in Farsi Clean Master is one of the programs that can greatly improve the security and speed of your mobile phone. So if you are worried about the security and slow speed of your mobile phone, join us in downloading Clean Master.

Download Clean Master - Clean Master program to optimize your Android device

Speed ​​and security are two basic pillars in mobile phones and tablets. When you are working on your mobile phone, if your smartphone is constantly lagging and slowing down, it will definitely tire you out. If your mobile phone does not have high security, your files will definitely be compromised. The Clean Master program, which we will introduce to you today, is exactly to solve these problems. You, dear users of the Digiroyd website, can take your mind off many of your mobile phone problems by downloading this Android app. This program is not available for Iranians on the Google Play website.

Delete history with Clean Master

Everything you do on your mobile phone will be saved in the history. Various applications use mobile phone memory to save history. When the volume of history exceeds a certain limit, your mobile phone will definitely be very slow. Also, when you are active in social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram, this activity will create cache memory. These things play a very important role in filling up your mobile phone memory. By installing Clean Master, you can easily and very smartly delete all these useless files from your mobile phone.

In some of today’s smart phones, such as devices from Xiaomi, the owner of the phone is notified every few days that the cache and history are full. Users can easily delete this memory from inside the cell phone and increase the memory of their cell phone. But for users whose mobile phones do not have this capability, we suggest them to use the Clean Master Android application. You can increase the memory of your mobile phone to a great extent by using this Android application.

Increase Privacy with Clean Master

Privacy is a very important issue. When you visit different sites, these sites may save some information from you without your permission. This also applies to some Android applications. For example, some applications store your IP. How they will use this IP and information later is not included in this discussion. But if you are worried about the loss of privacy in your mobile phone, you can use the Clean Master program.

By entering the Privacy settings section in the Clean Master program, you can take very effective and important steps in creating privacy and taking care of it. You can determine which programs or sites can store how much data from your mobile phone. Of course, some information is needed to work with different software. But some other programs or sites may receive information from you unfairly.

Task Killer در Clean Master

You are using WhatsApp. After some time, you leave this program open and enter a game. Then you exit the game and re-enter another program. Currently, your mobile phone is busy with 3 open and running applications. This will definitely cause a very high speed drop in mobile phones. Even when you press the square button at the bottom of the screen and close the apps by swiping left and right, these apps are still open. When a program is open, it is definitely active. This activity causes the conflict of mobile phone RAM. This conflict will slow down the mobile phone. But by installing the Clean Master program, you can minimize this slowness.

I suggest you check our statements more. First run an app on your mobile phone. Then, by pressing the square button at the bottom of the mobile phone, direct the program to the left or right to close the program and leave the list of running programs. Then go to mobile phone settings and then to applications. Find the desired app and touch it. By entering the next page, the “forced stop” option is still active for you, you can touch it. This means that you have not yet managed to close the program. But with the Clean Master program, you can easily see your programs. Task Killer does this for you.

App management with App Manager in Clean Master

Managing Android applications is a very important task. It may render some of the applications you have on your mobile phones useless. On the other hand, a program may be very important to you and you have problems maintaining it. By using the App Manager feature, you can manage your programs well by downloading Clean Master. Downloading and installing the Clean Master app allows you to remove any unused apps from your mobile phone. It also allows you to easily back up your important apps so that your apps are not deleted from your mobile phone.

Lock your apps by downloading Clean Master

We will put a password on your mobile phone by default. One of our friends will gain access to our password for various reasons. Maybe he wants us to enter the password of our mobile phone and give him a mobile phone without password. We do this but after some time we will notice our friend’s search on the cell phone. Now the problem that arises is entering our different programs without our friend’s permission. By installing the Clean Master program, you can easily put a password on any of the programs you want. You can specify which program will be locked so that no one but you is allowed to enter it.

With the Clean Master program, you can set a separate password to your mobile phone’s main password on your apps. If you haven’t downloaded Clean Master Farsi, you should encrypt different parts of your mobile phone by entering the App Lock section in the Clean Master program. Using this section, you can first select any of the programs you want and then set the appropriate password for them. Enter the world of security with this Android app.

Other features of the Clean Master program

  • Ability to clear history memory and cache memory with History Eraser
  • Increase the privacy and security of the mobile phone with the Privacy section
  • Close running programs with Task Killer
  • Manage mobile apps using the App Manager feature
  • Protect and encrypt Android apps with App Lock
  • Reducing battery consumption using the Battery Saver function
  • and other features

Now you can download the Clean Master Android app from the Digiroid website.