Android app

Android application is one of the most important elements in mobile phones and tablets. You can solve many problems related to your mobile phone by downloading the Android application. If you need a flashlight somewhere, or if you want to chat with your friends and acquaintances, you can definitely do this well using the mobile application.

We will do our best to provide the best Android app for you, dear users, on the Digiroyd website. It doesn’t matter if you need a social network or you are looking for an application. We at Digiroyd are trying to meet the needs of you users well. So if you want a program and it is not available on our website, you can send it to us using the program request section.
As soon as our colleagues receive your request, they will place the desired Android application. We do a lot of searching daily to bring you the best apps for you, dear users. We always strive to bring you the best in every category on Digiroyd. We believe that you, dear users, deserve the best.

What programs are included in Digiroid
Digiroyd only places important and valid programs that do not conflict with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran on this device. Sometimes it is possible that the Android application in question did not violate Iran’s laws at first, but then it did so for a while. If we get any reports in this regard, we will remove the mentioned program immediately.
The Android application I want is not in Digiroyd
DJ Royd respects the tastes of all its users. Therefore, if the Android app you want is not on this website, you can request it from the app request section. As soon as you send your request, our colleagues will respond to this request.

Download Google Drive

Download Google Drive

Google Drive in Persian is the name of one of the useful and very important tools in the web space. This program is one of the products of Google. Today, in this post, we are going to introduce the very important and practical Google Drive...
Download Mafatih Al-Jannan 6.1

Download Mafatih Al-Jannan 6.1

Hello, dear users of the Digiroyd website. I hope you are fine. We are at your service by introducing the Mofatih Aljanan full audio Android program. Another religious application that may be very useful for us and cost us a lot. So, stay with us...