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Download Call of duty mobile 1.0.28 game for Android

Call of duty mobile is a very attractive game for those who like online games. If you are a huge fan of this style of games, be sure to download Kalaf Duty Mobile from the Digiroyd website .

Call of duty mobile 1.0.28 game for Android

Activision game studio has always surprised the game lovers. But this surprise train left today from the country that created the game Callaf Duty Mobile, which is America, and today it has traveled all over the world. Kalaf Duty mobile game, like PUBG, is a very interesting and exciting game for fans of gun and online games. If you are interested in competing with live people around the world, I suggest you this Android game. Call of duty mobile Android game has become a very popular game for gamers with more than 100 million downloads in the global market.

Play Call of duty mobile with your friends

One of the reasons that played a big role in the appeal of Kalaf Duty Mobile game is its online and multiplayer. Online mobile games have always been among the most popular games. Maybe this is the reason why many users visit Kalaf Duty Mobile game site. In this Android game you can play online with your friends. After entering the game, just send a friend request to your friends. This will send a request to your friends. By approving your request, they will enter your friends list and you will enter a group with each other. From now on, it is enough for the group manager to click on the Start button. You and your friends will enter the game together as a group. So, if you are looking to play the game with your friends, be sure to download Call of duty mobile game from the Digiroyd website.

Different game styles

After installing Kalaf Duty Mobile, you will have access to a large number of different game styles. In fact, this Android game has 2 very strong levels. In the multiplayer game style, you have to fight against the same team in different models. This style contains several sections. In each of the sections, you must perform operations according to the rules of the game. I will give an example to better understand this issue. You must play with 9 other people in Team Deathmatch. In fact, you and your fellow players will be grouped into 2 teams of 5 people. Then you enter the Call of duty mobile game. Any of the 2 teams that reach the specified points first will definitely win the game. Players have to take more casualties from the rival team by shooting each other in the game environment. Whichever team takes more casualties will lose.

But the most important part of the game can be called the Battle Royale style, which we mentioned earlier.

Battle royale style in Call of Duty Mobile game

This section has a very detailed story and was first introduced to users by the PUBG game. In this style of Call of duty mobile game, you will enter the game with 99 other users. It is up to you to have 4-2 friends or not. If you choose the team part, you will be accompanied by 3 other people. Also, by selecting a single player game without a teammate, enter the Callaf Duty mobile game. After entering the game, you will board an airplane. The plane will pass through the sky of the game map. Wherever you want, you can jump down from the plane by pressing the jump button. After crossing the distance from the sky to the ground, you will enter the main section. Other players also arrive on the field after a while. Now you have entered a marathon. Users will get closer to victory by eliminating each other from the game. Whichever player can last longer in the game and be killed later will win.

Different guns

One of the attractive things in gun games is choosing the right type. If you don’t have the right skills, you definitely can’t get a good score and rank in the Callaf Duty mobile game. Therefore, you can make the best use of the available guns in the Call of duty mobile game. You can enter the game with your gun by buying a good gun. You may ask yourself that you can use other people’s guns in the multiplayer game style, what is the need to buy a gun? The answer is that if you use someone else’s gun, the gun will be removed from your hand as soon as you are killed in the game. When the game starts again, you can no longer use that person’s gun. For this reason, it is highly recommended to buy and design a special gun.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a gun in the battle royal section of Kalaf Duty Mobile. In this style of play, no player is good from the beginning. As soon as the players enter the game map and jump from the planes, they must look for their suitable Salah on the ground and choose the best Salah for the fight. So, if you can’t get the right gun for yourself, don’t worry because you just need to use the battle royal style.

Classification in Call of duty mobile game

I always believe that things should be purposeful. In Kalaf Duty mobile game, you can get a good rank in addition to winning. Call of duty mobile game has a section called classification and ranking. In this section, users can get a good position in this competition by receiving points and winning competitions. It is very attractive that you have a good position among 100 million users. But don’t forget that this charm will also make it very difficult. Certainly, as you are trying to get the first rank, many users are also fighting for this position at the same time as you. This will make it difficult to get the right position in the game of Kalaf Duty.

The update of Kalaf Duty Mobile has reduced the bugs and errors of this game a lot. Therefore, this Android game can be included in the category of popular games. If you are also looking for an attractive and gun game that you can play with your friends, definitely call of duty mobile game can be a great option for you. You can download this Android game from the Digiroid website.

A few questions about Kalaf Duty Mobile

How do I save my progress in the game?

When you are trying to achieve a goal it is very important to be able to save that goal. That’s why you can save your progress in the game Kalaf Duty Mobile. For this, you need to create an account on the Kalaf Duty game site. Then, after logging into this user account, all your results and progress will be saved. With this, even if you delete the game from your mobile phone or change your mobile phone, you can still restore your account in Call of duty mobile.

Where can I get the update of Kalaf Duty Mobile?

Next to Google Play, the Digi Royd website is one of the channels for providing the Callaf Duty mobile game. You can update the Call of duty mobile game by visiting the Digiroyd website.

Call of duty mobile game features

  • The possibility of playing a multiplayer game
  • Having different game styles
  • Very beautiful graphics and close to reality
  • The ability to create an account to restore the account and save progress in the game
  • Professional and advanced ranking and classification
  • The ability to send and receive friend requests
  • Having various advantages to make the game more beautiful
  • Gradually increasing the difficulty of the game in order to use the leveling system
  • Having different game maps
  • and other features

Now you can download Kalaf Duty mobile game from Digiroyd website. Do not forget to leave us your comments. Your comments will definitely improve the Digiroyd website.