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Download Bonet 2.1.8 – Bonet program for online taxi booking

Bennett can be called one of the newest applications for ordering a taxi online. For those who are in need of intra-city trips with different modes, viewing and reading this post is highly recommended. Today, in the continuation of this post, we are going to fully introduce the Bonet application. So stay with us and Bennett until the end of this post.

Download Bonet 2.1.8 - Bonet program for online taxi booking

Online taxis have been an integral part of our lives for several years. In the past, when we wanted to move around the city, we had to use the services of different agencies, which had different advantages and disadvantages. But for several years, there is no need to book an agency anymore and you can easily book a taxi for yourself or your friends using a smart mobile phone. In terms of work, this program is very close to partner applications such as Snap and Tipsy. In the following, we are with you with some of the features of the Bennett application.

Various services for booking a taxi in Bennet

One of the features that should be considered when choosing any application for booking a taxi is its services. You can also use different services in Bennet application. For example, if you are a woman or you plan to take a female passenger from the origin to the destination, you can use the women’s service of this application. Services such as motor courier and van are also available to deliver goods in different dimensions, which can be used from this application. Another service of this taxi booking application is the possibility of booking a taxi for ceremonies. According to the services of this service, if you want to go to a very important place, you can use the ceremony service of the Bennet application and enjoy the luxury cars that are there to take you to your destination.

It should be noted that the Bennet application has introduced itself as a widely used and installed application in Iranian markets with more than a hundred thousand downloads and installations. In the following, we are with you with some other features of this application.

Some other features

  • Taxi booking
  • Reservation of motor courier and van to deliver goods
  • It is possible to use the women’s service for respectable women
  • Online fare payment
  • Communication with the driver
  • Beautiful and attractive user interface
  • and some other facilities

Now you can download the Bennett program from the Digiroyd website . Also keep in mind that in order to progress and improve the content of the Digi website, be sure to share your opinions about this Android application with us.