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Download Bimito 0.6.2

Do you need to buy insurance? Bimito program will help you in this. Today we will introduce you a program with which you can compare and buy insurance online. With this Android application , it will be very easy to buy and renew different insurances.

Download Bimito 0.6.2 - program to compare and buy insurance online

Buying or renewing an insurance policy has always been important for us. Those who own a car always need to renew their insurance policy once or twice a year. These loved ones should contact their insurance agency and submit a request to renew the insurance policy. It is not only car owners who need to renew their insurance policies. Rather, many of our compatriots use life, supplementary, earthquake and fire insurances, etc. Therefore, renewing or buying an insurance policy is considered important. Bimito program as an Android application helps you in buying and comparing insurance policies.

Compare with your insurance first and then buy

Bimito is not an insurance policy buying company. In this program, as soon as you enter it, you will be faced with a list of different insurances. Let’s say you plan to insure your car as a third party. By choosing this option, you will be asked for the model and years of the car insurance discount. By entering this information, this application will provide you with a complete list of insurance companies. The insurance price is listed in front of each of these companies. You can easily compare insurances and choose the company you want for your car insurance.

Buying fire and earthquake insurance

Our beloved country, Iran, is one of the earthquake-prone countries in the world. If the earthquake is severe, in addition to human injuries, it also brings financial damages. I hope that there will be no earthquake anywhere in our country. Personal injuries can be minimized by following a series of rules and training. But what to do with financial damages? You cannot prevent financial damage in an earthquake by taking shelter under the framework or safe places. For this, we must use earthquake insurance. Bimito program also accompanies you in purchasing earthquake and fire insurance. In this program, after entering the application by selecting fire and earthquake insurance, you must enter the year of construction of your building. In the next step, it will ask you for the type of structure. The next step is the step of entering insurance obligations for home appliances and construction costs. After completing the steps, the list of companies to buy this type of insurance policy will be placed in front of you.

Other insurance facilities

  • Buying third party insurance
  • Car damage insurance (body)
  • Buying fire insurance
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Buying life insurance
  • Organizational insurance
  • Buying motorcycle insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • The possibility of comparing insurance companies
  • Insurance discount
  • and other facilities

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