Download Bezan Bahador – Battleground game for Android

publish date: 7 January 2022

Bezan Bahadur is one of the games available in the strategy genre for Android. Of course, this fascinating game also has differences with similar games in the world, which we will discuss in this post today. The new Bezen Bahadur game was developed by Tetra Puzzle game studio and has been released on the Android market. Today, in this post, we are going to fully introduce this Android game. So stay with us until the end.

Download Bezan Bahador - Battleground game for Android

Strategy games for Android and PC have their own fans. This style of mobile games will both entertain you and increase some of your skills. Basically, strategic games provide users with a very good opportunity to strengthen skills such as timely decision-making, intelligent analysis, foresight and correct game prediction. For this reason, playing this style of games can be useful for us. Now we will get to know the new Bezen Bahadur game, which is one of the best Iranian strategic games.

Play a story, Bahadur

As mentioned above, Bezen Bahadur is a strategic game. In this game, you are in charge of managing a fearless, fighting and professional team that intends to compete with lots of other neighborhoods. This game is online and you will compete live with other participants while playing this Android game . We have already covered Bezan Bahadur tutorial, so if you are worried about learning this game, stay with us. In this game, you have to increase your power by relying on many things so that you can win against your enemies. As a team leader, you must have a correct prediction of the future and the next moves of your opponent in mind in order to win. If you want to be successful in this game, you must put the right timing in your agenda.

In this game you have to make your players strong. This issue causes some users to move towards using wrong ways, such as downloading the Bez Bahadur Binhait game. Personally, I strongly consider this wrong because in the first stage you will lose all the fun of the game. Also, the creators of this game have worked very hard to make it. By downloading the Bezen Bahadur Binhait game, you are giving a big blow to the hard work of these creators, which is a very wrong thing in terms of Shari’a and morality.

Teach Bahadur

In every work or game we enter, we need training about it. Education is one of the most important issues in any job. This is so important that big companies in the world put manuals on each of their products. In the Bezan Bahadur game, you must see the necessary training to be able to remove your competitors from the field. At the beginning of the game, you will compete with three members of your team. First, based on your own luck and luck, you or your opponent will start the game. You and your opponent each take turns and use one of their characters in order to finish the game in their favor. Each of the characters use their unique power. For example, you might use grandma to play the game. The grandmother of our game will throw her broom at the opponent and the player’s life will be reduced.

At each stage of the game, you will be given a number of points that you should use to strengthen your team. For example, instead of entering the field with three friends, you can buy a new friend and use it as well. For example, you can make one of your allies stronger so that he can deliver stronger blows to your opponent’s allies. When it’s your turn, you have to choose one of your minions and command your player to attack by dragging and dropping your finger on the screen. For example, ask the grandmother to throw her blessed broom at the butcher of the opposing team. When the broom hits the butcher, he loses his life and finally disappears from the game screen.

Some features of the game

  • Interesting and unique gameplay
  • The possibility of playing in different environments
  • Funny and lovable characters
  • Fight online with other users
  • Various weekly and monthly leagues
  • Standings
  • Chat with other players
  • Get bonus after every win
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the beautiful and attractive Bezen Bahadur game from the Digiroid site.

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File info
  • platform: Android
  • version : 1
  • need root: No
  • need data : No
  • need internet: Yes
  • format : apk
  • size : 72 Mb
  • developer: Tetra Puzzle


5/5 - (1 vote)

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