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Download Battle fish 1.82 – Battle fish game for Android

Battle fish game is one of the interesting games for Android, which is included in the category of strategy games. This attractive and beautiful game has attracted many users. Today, in this post, we are going to discuss the complete customs of the Battle fish game. If you also want to get to know this game, then stay with us and introduce different parts of this game, such as the gameplay of Battle Fish.

Download Battle fish 1.82 - Battle fish game for Android

Battlefish is a beautiful game for those who like strategic games. The story of this game is that you are the agent of taking care of a lake. Invading fish try to reach that lake by passing through ponds and rivers. In this game you have a mission to stand in front of them and fight them. You let them reach the lake. Use defense barriers to deal with the attackers and defend your place of residence in a completely strategic way. Defense is the most important principle in the Battle fish game, which you should pay great attention to. In the following, we will get to know some other features of this Android game .

25 different maps

In any Android game, the gameplay is the first word. A lot can be said about the gameplay of Battlefish. This game is at an acceptable level of gameplay. In this beautiful and attractive game, you have access to 25 different maps and you can play in it. Another feature that makes this game attractive is its funny music. Also, story stages are among other things that add to the charm of Battlefish game. This Android game is in the category of castle defense games. Games of this style often go out of the infinite game mode due to the phasing. But the Battlefish game also has infinite stages.

In this game you can compete completely ENDLess. This game mode allows you to play different games indefinitely and set different records for yourself. There is a part in this game where you have to level up by doing different missions. In this game you have to increase your level which requires in-app payment. You can easily pay in-app and raise your level by receiving the gift code of the game BetFish.

Of course, unfortunately, some users are looking to download the Battlefish infinite game. But since the creators of this game have taken a lot of effort to produce this game, using illegal versions like the hacked Battlefish game is a very wrong thing. Using these versions will waste the effort of the developer and will take away the joy of playing the game.

Other features of the Battlefish game

  • 25 diverse and attractive maps
  • Use interesting music
  • Three different modes
  • Special stages and missions
  • The ability to play the game in Endless mode
  • Countless stages online and offline
  • Compete with other users online
  • Use of auxiliary force
  • Interesting gameplay
  • and other facilities

Now you can download this game from Digiroyd website. I repeat again that you should avoid downloading the hacked and infinite Battlefish game due to the support of the separate developer and use the legal version of this attractive game.