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Download Basslam 6.3.0 – online social market app for Android

Baslam program is an online social market for Android. In this practical Android application, intermediaries are completely removed. That’s why you can find different products at the best price. You no longer need to pay for a few simple general purchases.

Download Baslam 6.2.1 - online social market app for Android

You can experience the pleasure of an immediate purchase with Baslam program. This android app is actually a social market. In this application, you can get your goods at a reasonable price by removing middlemen and brokers. Actually, this application works like a market. In this market, some people are present as first-hand sellers. If you intend to buy a product, you will appear as a buyer. In this application, you can work with 2 titles. I have explained about these 2 titles before.

In Baslam, the seller of Shuiz

Baslam Android application has also had many activities in the field of business. You can easily sell your products with this application. Of course, the sale of goods in the Baslam program requires a heavy application. We will put this program on the site for you. By downloading and installing Baslam Gharege program, you will own a stall in this market. You can put your products in it so that your customers can also buy from it. It is a very good feeling to sell your products without paying a percentage to middlemen.

Be a buyer

But the main feature of Baslam program is shopping. It is natural that when people offer a product for sale in a market, you can buy that product on this side of the market. But one of the advantages of this market is that you have a direct purchase. The next advantage of this application is online shopping. You no longer need to leave your home or office to buy the product you want. Stay at home and do your shopping online very easily through Baslam android app.

Hello, who are the exhibitors?

In the Salam program, anyone in any trade can become a stall owner. In this program, handicrafts, food items, household appliances, etc. are sold. Naturally, anyone who works in this field can also own a booth in this program. To register and receive a booth from this service, you must first register on the website of this service to become the owner of a booth in this Android program.

Features of the Baslam program

  • Buying without intermediaries
  • Possibility of group purchase
  • Search among products
  • Product classification
  • Beautiful and user-friendly user interface
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Baslam program from the Digiroyd website. Also, be sure to follow our Instagram page in order to support the website of DJ Raid .


New version changes

  • Improvement of the chat space of the application
  • Fixed some reported bugs