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Download Bama 5.7 – car buying and selling application for Android

Bama is an Android application for buying and selling cars. With this Android application, you can buy or sell your desired car very easily and quickly. Today, in this post, we have introduced the Bama program from the series of Digi Royd application posts. So stay with us until the end in DJ Royd.

Download Bama 5.7 - car buying and selling application for Android

Car is one of the goods that we need a lot. In the meantime, we might want to change or buy a car. For this, we can go to a car exhibition. But sometimes going to the exhibition is not the best option. We have to put the car in the showroom for a long time so that they can sell our car. Another way to sell a car is to use advertising services. Advertising services such as wall and trumpet are a good choice for car exchanges. But a dedicated program is much more suitable for this. The exact Bama application is the right application. In the continuation of this post, we intend to introduce you to Bama’s facilities.

Daily price of Bama car

The first and best possibility in the Bama application is the daily price of the car. In this application, you can find the daily price of the types of cars you want. Naturally, people who intend to buy a car pay much attention to its price. In this application, you can also check the daily price of all types of cars. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you want. From BMW to Pikan, you can get its price. So, get informed about the latest prices with Bama’s daily car price feature.

Used car price

Another attractive feature in the Bama Android application is the used car price. Suppose you want to buy a used car. First, you flip the car. In terms of appearance, then technical and other issues, you will check the car carefully. Now that you have everything you want, it’s time to make the deal. At this time, you must hand over the amount of the car to the owner of the car. The question that arises here is, is it possible to pay the amount without knowing the price of the car? Unlike cars with zero kilometers, used cars do not follow the legal price range. You can find out about the price of used cars by using Bama’s used car price service.

The Bama program does not work only in the Android version. You can also use the web version of the Bama application and take full advantage of all the features of this service.

Car ad registration

Registering a car ad in Bama is one of the other features of this application. To register an ad in this service, you must first download Bama with a direct link. Then you enter the application and click on the free ad registration option. In the next step, you need to enter the name of the car brand. After entering the brand name, you must also enter the car model. For example, you plan to advertise one of Saipa’s products. After choosing the Saipa brand, you must advertise one of the products of this company. The next step is to enter the year of the car.

In the next part, you have to give the car’s details to the application. In Bama, first the exterior color and then the interior color of the car are specified. In the next part, you should specify the condition of the body and the health of the car. If your car has been in an accident, you should state in this regard the condition of the car’s body color. In the next part, the working condition of the car is specified. Finally, you have to announce the price of your car to the application and finally your ad will be registered.

Program features

  • Vehicle price
  • Used car price
  • Register a free car ad
  • Search among cars
  • Search cars by brand, price and more
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Good user experience
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Bama program from the Digiroyd website.