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Download Balad 4.34.1 – map and routing program

Hello, I would like to welcome you to the dear users of the digi website. Today we are at your service by introducing Balad , a map and route finder application that will help you reach your destination. So stay with us until the end of this post. Before we want to introduce the Beled program from the series of posts related to the Android program on the DigiRoyd website, I suggest that you follow DigiRoyd’s Instagram page in order to support DigiRoyd .

Download Balad 4.34.1 - map and routing program

Working with maps and especially navigation has been one of the most important needs of us humans since the past until now. A person who intends to move from one place to another has always faced the concern of how he can reach his destination without losing his way. With the emergence of urban life and a phenomenon called cars, people faced a problem called traffic. One of the hardest things is to get lost in traffic and want to drive in traffic.

But with the advent of smart phones and later mobile applications, this problem was solved to a great extent. Because map and router applications entered the Android market. Today we are going to introduce you to one of these map and route finder applications.

The application knows

Balad map and route finder application is an Android application that we want to go to today and figure it out together. Balad is one of those applications that we need a lot. Suppose you intend to go from one place to another and you don’t know your route. Balad application can help you a lot here because Balad shows you the route between your origin and destination easily and makes you not get lost on the way.

But the application of Balad is not only in routing. Balad tells you which route to take to avoid traffic and can save you a lot of time. But another feature of Balad is that this application tells you the exact time of your arrival at your destination.

But let’s go to the capabilities of Balad

Balad application features:

  • Beautiful and user-friendly user interface
  • Show the exact location of traffic cameras
  • Calculate the exact time of your arrival at your destination
  • Routing
  • Advanced routing to get through traffic
  • Voice assistant
  • Display and warning of police and cameras on the route
  • Display live traffic information
  • Suggesting several different routes in routing
  • Ability to choose the desired origin
  • Display speedometer and speed limit while driving
  • Showing the metro and BART map layer in Tehran
  • Showing the route and schedule of metro stations and buses in Tehran
  • Showing the air pollution index in each neighborhood of Tehran
  • Show license plates of buildings (currently only in Tehran)