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Download Baghali 1058 – grocery game for Android

The grocery game is another product of Glim Games 2 game studio. Glim Games Studio is one of the famous game industry in Iran. Another product of this studio is Hey Taxi , which we introduced to you on the Digi Royd website. Today we are going to introduce another product of this group to you. At the end of this post, we are at your service by downloading the grocery game with a direct link. So stay with us until the end.

Download Baghali 1058 - grocery game for Android

The new grocery game is the story of a person who owns a supermarket. In this Android game, you are the owner of a supermarket and you have to get to know the challenges of this job. In this game, customers come to your store and you have to deliver the requested products to them as quickly as possible. This game is a bit similar to Baba Paz game . The similarity of these two games is in keeping the customer satisfied by using the time factor. In that game, you had to respond to the needs of your customers quickly. You have a student who helps you in some work and makes you progress.

Of course, in the new grocery game, you must be very attentive to customer satisfaction. If customers run out of patience, offer them chocolates to make them wait a little longer. In the following, we will mention some other features of this Android game.

Get to know the challenges of selling

Selling in stores, especially supermarkets, is a difficult task. Many customers come to your supermarket and you have to keep them all happy, so you have to use a number of other factors to increase satisfaction so that the customers are satisfied. For example, you can hire a salesperson or a professional apprentice. In the grocery game, you have exactly the same possibility. Some salespeople have soft tongues and can buy you time. But some other sellers have a higher business perspective and can bring you more money. So you should choose a professional and suitable seller according to your needs.

Of course, another thing that is effective in increasing your sales and growth in the grocery game is the variety of goods. In this Android game, the more items you have for sale, the more chances you will have to sell. More customers will come to your grocery store and you can make more money. So be sure to pay attention to the items in the shop. Upgrade them and increase the variety of your goods day by day. The gameplay and graphics of the grocery game that we introduce to you today are in a very good condition. This will make you have the most fun while working with this Android game and be entertained for hours. If you feel at some point that you are no longer bored to progress in the game naturally, you can progress faster by going to the store and buying different items.

Some features of the grocery game

  • Using beautiful game sounds
  • Beautiful game graphics
  • Variety of products
  • Product upgrade
  • The possibility of using different vendors
  • Add students to shop for more sales
  • and some other facilities