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Download App 4.7.2 – Easy payment app for Android

Downloading is one of the things that has attracted the attention of many users. Today, in this post, we have discussed the download on the Digiroyd site. This post has been prepared at the request of one of the dear users of the website. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download App 4.7.2 - Easy payment app for Android

With the advent of smartphones, many applications were created for the convenience of our users. One of these programs is the Up program. In this post, we have introduced this application. This Android application has many features. Currently, this Android program has brought many users with it. Now we are going to go to all these features in detail. If you also like to learn about the features of the app, follow this post.

Card by card with app

Card to card is one of the most popular for users. When you plan to do financial transactions with people, you need to be able to do card to card easily. The application app has provided the possibility of card to card for you users. To perform this operation, it is no longer necessary to go to the bank teller, you can carry out card-to-card banking operations very easily from your home or workplace. This application will provide you with the receipt of the money transfer after card to card. This receipt has a big advantage over physical receipts. If you go to Aberbank ATM for a card, the receipt given to you by Aberbank ATM is both valid for you and will be erased after some time. But the app offers you a digital receipt.

hotel reservation

One of the unique features of the app is hotel reservation. In this program, you can make your hotel reservation after choosing the destination city. Based on this feature, you no longer need to waste your time booking between agencies. You can easily book your hotel from within the app. After entering this application, go to the travel ticket and hotel section. Then touch the hotel reservation option. On the next page, you will be provided with a form where you have to enter the date of your arrival and departure to the hotel. After completing the form, the application will offer you the best options.

Fishing check with app

One of the things that may cause users to look for downloads with a direct link is the fishing check. According to banking laws, since the check has been executed, both the issuer and the recipient of the check must register it. Therefore, the fishing check section is perhaps one of the most visited sections of this application. In this section, as a check issuer, you can register the issued check. Also, the recipient of a fisherman’s check must also confirm receipt of the check in this section. Another feature of this check is to inquire about its status.

Internet package purchase

The use of internet by users is so much that buying internet in the app is considered an attractive option. If your internet is exhausted, don’t worry about buying an internet package. In this Android application, you can purchase it after entering the Internet section. In this section, after you enter to purchase the Internet package, you must first enter your phone number. Enter your operator’s phone number. Finally, you can find the internet you want with the help of the filters in the program. After finding and buying the desired package, just enter your card number and dynamic password to be able to buy the package.

Many users may be looking for download for PC with direct link. But this Android program does not have a PC or Windows version. The app has many other features. For example, with this Android application, you can receive inventory. Another feature of this Android application is buying bus, plane and subway tickets. This feature allows you to prepare your travel preparations very quickly. But among other features, we can mention buying insurance policies and paying bills. This feature can also help you save a lot of time.

SJAM authentication in app

Another feature of this Android application is Sejam authentication. Sejam, or the comprehensive statistical system of the country, is an important part of Iran’s statistical industry. Registering in Sejam and verifying its identity is the first step in entering the stock market for investors. Even investment companies and funds use Sejam authentication for your login. Perhaps for this reason, authentication of Sejam can be considered an important matter. But the application app has also had activities for this sector. If you intend to register in Sejam, you must verify its identity.

In the past, to authenticate Sejam, you had to go to the counter offices. Then after spending a lot of time you would proceed with authentication. But now the app has completely solved this problem. It is enough for you to enter Sejam’s identity verification section after entering this application. In this section, you must enter the serial number on the back of your national card. After that, in the next section, you have to give some information to the application. In the next step, you should clearly read the text provided by the application. In this section, you must first hold the mobile phone in selfie mode in front of your face and read the text. By doing this, you will prove that you are the owner of your account and your authentication will be completed.

App features:

  • Buying train-bus-metro tickets
  • Book a bus ticket
  • Paying bills
  • Buy mobile phone charging
  • Internet shopping
  • Payment of freeway tolls
  • Paying for public transportation such as subway tickets and taxi fares
  • Items related to fishing checks
  • charity
  • Book a taxi using Snap
  • Security and authentication
  • face transfer query
  • investment
  • Receive account balance
  • Payment of building charges
  • Registration of documents and real estate
  • Appointment of judicial offices
  • and other facilities

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