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Download Applock Premium 3.6.1 – Smart lock app for Android

AppLock program in Farsi is a very useful program to increase mobile phone security. With this smart lock app, you can lock different apps and parts of your mobile phone. In this post, we have detailed the introduction of this Android program. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Applock Premium 3.6.1 - Smart lock app for Android

Locking and security of mobile phones have always been among the concerns of users. Sometimes we have given our mobile phone to someone and that person has also accessed other parts of our mobile phone. But what solutions can be suggested to prevent and solve this problem? Is it possible to do something so that no one can enter parts of our mobile phone without our permission? In this post, we have fully introduced the AppLock program. If you stay with us, you will definitely get answers to your questions.

What is AppLock?

AppLock is actually an app that works like a safe. Sometimes we have given our phone to other people. That person entered other departments intentionally or unintentionally. With this, our privacy is greatly overshadowed. For articles like this, we need an application. This application defines a separate password from the mobile phone password for each of our programs. With this, someone will no longer have the right to enter our mobile phone sections. Now you can easily share your mobile phone with other people.

Defining password types for each program

There are several main and sub-parts in our mobile phone. Someone may try to enter the gallery section of your mobile phone after obtaining the initial password of your mobile phone. At this time, if you have downloaded AppLock with a direct link, you can easily block that person’s access. For this, you can put a password on the gallery or any of the mobile phone applications.

Encryption in AppLock is not just static encryption. You can perform encryption operations according to the features of your mobile phone. You can use PIN codes, patterns, characters or even fingerprints. In general, this Android application will make you feel at ease about the security and privacy of your mobile phone.

Other features of the Applock program

  • Multi-type locking including password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Use of various themes
  • Customize the appearance of the application
  • App lock timer
  • Low battery consumption
  • App lock timer
  • and other facilities

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