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Download Apex Launcher 4.9.20 – Mobile customization for Android

Apex Launcher is one of the practical and attractive applications in the field of mobile phone personalization. In fact, it can be said that this program is very useful for users who want to decorate their mobile phone environment according to their taste. Today we are at your service by introducing this application, in the rest of this post we will discuss some of its features and of course how to use Apex Launcher.

Download Apex Launcher 4.9.20 - Mobile customization for Android

As we mentioned above, Apex Launcher is one of the mobile phone personalization programs. This Android application is a professional launcher. By using this application, you have the ability to arrange the user interface of your mobile phone according to your taste. For example, you can decorate your mobile phone user interface according to your taste and create your desired environment. You have the ability to easily change the security environment of the mobile phone or the effects in the smartphone and make it according to your taste. In the following, we will get to know some of the features of the Apex Launcher application.

How to use Apex Launcher

In the beginning, to work with any tool, we must know the necessary training to work with it. All products that are produced in the world, all have a section titled catalog or training. Therefore, the importance of training and how to use it is not hidden from anyone. For this reason, we must be familiar with how to use Apex Launcher before working with this program. As we mentioned above, this is a launcher app. But working with this program is very easy and simple. Just download this application from the downloads section of Digiroid. Then you open this application. On the first page of the program, some settings need to be made. You make these settings according to the guide of the application itself. It doesn’t matter if you have already downloaded the old version of Apex Launcher or not, this program will provide you with the necessary training.

Finally, the Apex Launcher can be used. Now your main work begins. You can decorate different parts of your mobile phone based on your needs and taste and create a charming environment. Many things can be mentioned about the capabilities of this application. For example, you can create and use up to 9 mobile home pages at the same time. You also have the ability to pre-order your mobile apps. This will prevent your programs from moving without your will. Sometimes removing or adding an app will cause that app to move on your mobile screen.

Some other features of the application

  • Tutorial on how to use Apex Launcher
  • Create 9 home pages and use them simultaneously
  • The ability to lock the location of programs to prevent them from moving
  • The ability to change the logo and label of Android applications on the mobile phone
  • Take a backup
  • Custom arrangement of applications
  • Hide apps
  • Optimized for mobile phones and tablets
  • and some other facilities

You can now download the Apex Launcher Android application from the Digiroid website. Also, keep in mind to share your opinions with us in order to increase the working space of the Digi website. Your comments are very important to us.