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Download Antenna 3.2.2 – online TV program for broadcasting sports matches

Watching sports programs with antenna is different. Hello, I would like to serve all the dear users of the Digi website. We are at your service with another very user-friendly Android application called Antenna. A program to watch sports online. So stay with us until the end of this post. Also, don’t forget to follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page to support Digi Royd’s website .

Download Antenna 3.2.1 - online TV program for broadcasting sports matches

If you are also looking for an Android app to broadcast live football for free, the Anten app can be a suitable option for you. This Android program broadcasts sports programs live in addition to the live broadcast of Channel 3 and the live broadcast of the sports network. The quality of live football broadcast in this Android application is very good and you can enjoy watching sports programs in it.

Online broadcasting of sports matches on the air

Antenna is not just a live broadcast of a football match. This Android application is actually intended for broadcasting most of the sports matches. You can watch all kinds of sports in it live. You can watch tennis or car races live in it. During the Olympic Games, especially during the broadcasting of wrestling competitions, this program benefited from high downloads and usage.

Find out when live matches are broadcast

After installing the antenna program and entering this program, you will first be asked to enter your mobile number. After entering your mobile number, you must enter your received code. The work is done. You have entered this Android application that has the ability to broadcast live football. Now, on the first page of this application, a list of sports competitions will be displayed for you. For example, two football teams Manchester and Dortmund will face each other today. The exact time of this match will be shown in a list on the first page. But only a list of football broadcasts is not displayed. Almost all the matches that will be broadcast today will be notified to you so that you can easily plan for watching sports matches.

Watch sports matches online with good quality on the air

Once you find your favorite sports match, just tap on it. With this, two things may happen to you. If the match is being played you will be able to see it. But if it hasn’t played yet, you’ll be waiting on a screen with a countdown timer. When the sports match is aired for you, you can watch it in different qualities. But the problem here is that the default antenna has the right quality to broadcast sports matches for free. But if you want to benefit from higher quality, then you should buy a subscription to this Android app.

Download the antenna along with the archive of sports competitions

The section that can be very attractive on the air is the archive section of sports competitions. You may not have time to watch live football or any other sport. Therefore, you plan to watch that match again at another time. This Android application has solved this problem easily. You can easily touch the archive option from the options at the bottom of the screen after entering the application. After that, you will enter a section where a complete list of game archives will be displayed for you. By touching any of those games, you can watch its archive completely.

Don’t miss a match

There is a section on the antenna that is for forgetful people like me. This section, which is located in the program settings, will remind you of the game time like a professional assistant. After you enter this section, 2 options will be in front of you. The first option is titled “game start notification” and the second option is “public notification”. By turning on the first option when the sports match starts, Anten will send you a notification telling you that the sports match has started. This way, you will never miss a sports match again.

In addition to the Android application, Antenna has also considered a website for broadcasting sports matches, especially free live football broadcasts, which you can watch sports matches by logging in to Antenna’s website .

Watch the race without stopping by downloading the antenna

Antenna puts a very beautiful banner in its application to show every sports competition. By using this beautiful banner, you can easily watch your favorite competition. Also, the infrastructure of this program is so strong that no interruptions will occur during the broadcast of sports matches. Even when popular games are being played on the Internet, you can easily watch the game with the antenna program and don’t worry about the slowness of the broadcast time.

Features of the antenna program:

  • The possibility of live broadcasting of sports programs
  • High-quality broadcast of sports programs without interruption

Some changes in the new version:

Fixing some bugs reported in the application

You can now download the Android antenna program from the Digiroyd website.