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Download the game Among Us – action game among us for Android

Download Among Us – action game among us for Android

The game Among Us in Farsi is one of the online games that you will miss a lot in a while. Personally, I and my friend have used these games several times in the holidays. So, if you are looking for a mobile game that you can play with your friends, Among us game can be very useful for you.

Game introduction:

Today we want to introduce you an online game. As the name of this game suggests, Amang Ace is an action game. In this game, you will enter a ship together with several other users at the same time. At first, the game selects one of you players as the imposter. The rest of the players will work together in cooperative mode.

Of course, in the Among Us game, according to the settings made by the admin, the killer may be more than one person. Once inside the ship, the assassin must kill the players secretly. If you are considered a murderer. You have to eliminate the players one after the other from the game scene very quickly and without the other members of the game noticing your role. Be careful because as soon as the players corpse is seen by one of the other players, the finder player will sound the alarm button. When the siren sounds, you will all go to the consultation area and each of you will guess who will be the killer among you. So it is very important to do your work very cleanly so that no one will notice your intentions.

What does a player who is not a murderer do?

A player who is not a killer must perform a series of tasks together with other players. For example, it sends information from the ship to the ground and… by touching the game map, you can do the things left in the ship on the ground and play a role in the progress of the ship with the help of other colleagues.

Features of Among Us game:

  • Simple and smooth graphic environment
  • The possibility of playing online by other users

Now you can download Android game Among Us from Digiroid website. Don’t forget to follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page to support Digi Royd’s website .