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Download Allopik 3.9.0 – motor courier reservation program for Android

One of the very useful Android programs that makes our work very easy is Elopik. Today, in this post, at the request of one of our dear users, we want to introduce you to a program that can make it easy for you to book a pickup truck. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Allopik 3.9.0 - motor courier reservation program for Android

We are very happy to serve you, dear users. In the past, it was difficult to get a pickup truck. You would search and find a pickup truck with a lot of difficulty. After finding it, you had to haggle with them about the total price and finally trust them and hand over the package to them to deliver it to the destination. But today, Elopik has solved such problems easily. For example, you no longer need to search to find a general pick-up. Simply pick up your mobile phone and enter this Android application.

This program is not only for Picmotori

This Android app was originally only for Pikmotori reservations, but now the scope of its activities has increased. In this program, you can book pick-up trucks, light and heavy vans, motorcycles for carrying passengers, etc. in this program.

How to work with Alupik:

After entering this application, you must specify your origin. In this section, you will determine your origin from the map that is in the application. This origin is the position of the sender of the shipment. You will then be prompted to enter information about the sender. You must enter the name, surname, address, number plate and unit of the person sending the shipment into the application.

After entering this information, it is time to specify the location of the destination in the application. This will also be done easily and you have to enter the name, surname, address, number plate and delivery unit of the receiver or destination. Now, the process of defining the origin and destination has been completed and you have to wait on a page for Pickmotori or the ambassador. After a few minutes, you will find the ambassador you want and the ambassador will come to you. So you can control the delivery of the parcel to the ambassador from the map.

Features of the Olupik program:

  • Ability to create a user account
  • Ability to see the ambassador’s route
  • The possibility of voting for the ambassador
  • Attractive and user-friendly user interface
  • Support discount codes
  • and other facilities

Now you can download this Android app  from the Digiroid website. You can also follow Digiroid’s Instagram page to support Digiroid ‘s website.