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Download Advanced Download Manager 12.6.2 – download manager for Android

Advanced Download Manager is one of the most powerful Android programs for downloading files from the Internet. For this reason, today we have introduced Advanced Download Manager on the Digiroyd website. So stay with us until the end of this post. This program is made by AdvancedApp programming group .

Download Advanced Download Manager 12.6.2 - download manager for Android

When you are working on the internet, you may need to download music. Sometimes it happens that a movie has caught your attention and you need to download it. Therefore, it is very common to download and upload movies, photos, songs, programs, etc. on the Internet. To download files, we have to go to download manager. Advanced Download Manager is one of the most powerful download managers for Android and mobile phones . This Android program has many features that we will get to know later.

Before we want to talk about the features of this Android app, we are going to learn about the problems caused by the absence of this app. When you want to download a file from the Internet. If you don’t have a download manager on your mobile phone, you will face some big problems. The first and biggest problem is the possibility of compromising your download. Large files always take a long time to download. During this long period of time, if your internet is interrupted or too slow for a moment, your download will be interrupted. The thought that you have spent many megabytes of time to download a file and now the download is interrupted is very terrifying. But with the Advanced Download Manager program, you will be free from these problems.

Download the file simultaneously with Advanced Download Manager:

One of the most attractive features of this download manager for Android is the ability to download files simultaneously. By installing Advanced Download Manager on your mobile phone or tablet, you can download up to 3 files from the Internet at the same time. Suppose we want to download 3 songs or 3 movies or any other files at the same time, here this Android program will help you. With this feature in Android download manager, you can put 3 files in download mode at the same time and get to the rest of your work. It is no longer necessary to have the mobile phone in your hands for a moment and check the download status. You have 3 files to download at the same time and get to the rest of your work.

Ability to resume download or Resume:

One of the most important features of Android download managers, especially Advanced Download Manager, is the ability to resume downloads. Suppose you are downloading a file. Then for some time and for any reason it is necessary to stop your download for a moment. This is where the resume download feature comes in handy. If you don’t use a download manager, then you won’t be able to stop your download in time and then resume it. One of the reasons why users install Download Manager is the ability to resume downloads. If you need to temporarily stop your download while downloading, Advanced Download Manager application can be an attractive option for you.

Knowledge of the completion of the download with Advanced Download Manager:

One of the problems that users have to deal with when downloading is the lack of information about the completion of the download. Some users put their mobile phone in a corner when they put a file to download and get to their other work. Therefore, it is possible that they will not be informed of the completion of the download until the download is complete. Therefore, the Advanced Download Manager program notifies you with a vibration or a ringing sound when the download of the desired file is complete. When the desired file is finished, this program will notify you with a bell that the download is complete.

There are many other features in the Advanced Download Manager Android program that will convince you to download the download manager software for free. Another feature of this download manager is the ability to split files into multiple pieces. This file allows files to be downloaded more quickly and securely. In this feature, a file will be divided into several pieces. At the same time, each of these parts is downloaded separately. After the download is finished, these separate files will be connected to each other and the complete file will be formed. Therefore, both the security of the download and the download speed are very high.

Save different files in different folders:

In the computer and IT world, there are different files with different extensions. For example, there are video files with the extension MP4 – MKV – WMA. When you download a file, it is very important to separate these files. Maybe you download a lot of files. Then if your download files are not separated, you will get confused. The Advanced Download Manager program has solved this problem well. In this Android program, all your downloaded files will be stored in separate folders based on the type (video-photo-file-song). With this phablet, you can easily access the files you want.

One of the problems of users when downloading is not downloading unknown extensions. Advanced Download Manager, which is one of the most powerful download managers for Android, has solved this problem well. In this Android program, you can download any type of file with any type of extension.

Features of the Advanced Download Manager program:

  • Ability to download files simultaneously
  • Ability to resume download or Resume
  • Be aware of the completion of downloads by vibrating or ringing the mobile phone
  • Split files for safe and fast download
  • Save files with separate extensions in separate files
  • File tracking from the clipboard or the browser window
  • Support for all extensions
  • Persian language support
  • and other features

Now you can download the Advanced Download Manager program from the Digiroyd website. You can also share your comments with us in order to improve the website.