Download Achareh 4.1.5 – specialized service reference program for Android

publish date: 2 October 2021

Achareh program will help you when you need help in doing some of your tasks. Today, in this post, we are going to go to a program in the field of home services from the series of posts related to the Android program on the Digi Royd website. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Achareh 4.1.5 - specialized service reference program for Andzoid

The program we are going to introduce to you is called Achareh program. This practical Android program will make it easier for us to do a lot of things. If you have been looking for a reliable person to do home service in the past, you can find it at Achareh. Of course, this Android application is not only for house cleaning. You can also use it to do all the services at home. Join us to review the different parts of this Android application together.

Find a master

Achareh program is a reference for professionals in any service field. From home services to home cleaning, you can find experts in that field and work with that person. In this Android program, you can find jobs in the field of car repairs, women’s beauty, mobile and tablet repairs, etc. After finding the person you want, you should send your address on the map to the person so that the master worker will be present at a certain time after coordination.

House cleaning

One of the most popular services in Achareh is the house cleaning department. In the group of friends and family who talk about house cleaning, they often consider it their challenge to find a reliable person to clean the house. But this Android application has solved this problem well. This program will relieve you of this task by introducing people who are experts in the field of house cleaning and you can enjoy the cleanliness of your house with peace of mind. A clean house always brings peace of mind to families and we should always look for its cleanliness. In today’s car life where we don’t have enough time for our work, we can use a reliable person to do house cleaning.

Use the services at home by downloading Achareh

Most of the activity of Achareh application is home services. Considering the corona virus situation of our dear country and also the lack of time, we can look for a person who is available to perform a series of services in our home. For example, it is not necessary to leave the house to get a haircut or a hairdresser. We can use the home hairdressing services of this application. It is not necessary to go to a car wash for a car wash. We can easily order car wash services on site using the Achareh program. We can use many of our home service activities at home without leaving home.

Use Achareh discount code

The discount code has always been attractive to me. Getting a discount in any field is characteristic of us Iranians. You can also use Achareh discount code in this Android application. This Android application will send you a discount code of ten thousand tomans after installation. Get a discount from this Android app by entering it in the discount code section when paying for the service. With this, the cost of using services at home will be reduced. Economically, it is also in your favor.

Car wash at home with a wrench

When our car loses its cleanliness, we have to take it to the car wash. But going to the car wash always has its own challenges. From waiting in line to passing heavy traffic, it can always be a concern for us. But Achareh has also solved this problem. You don’t have to leave the house to wash your car. One of Achareh’s services from the collection of home services is the same car wash. You can wash your car in your own place without leaving your home by using this android application.

Wrench facilities

  • Performing home services
  • Doing house cleaning
  • Mobile and tablet repairs and accessories
  • The beauty of women
  • Moving services
  • Insurance related services
  • Achareh club
  • Car wash at home
  • Wellness and health
  • Achareh discount code
  • and other facilities

You can now download this Android app from the Digiroid website. You can also follow Digi Royd ‘s Instagram page to support Digi Royd ‘s website.


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File info
  • platform: android
  • version : 4.1.5
  • need root: No
  • need data : No
  • need internet: yes
  • format : apk
  • size : 5 mb
  • password: No Password


5/5 - (2 votes)

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