About us

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Release date: 1 November 2022

Who are we and what do we do?

Our story

Which Android app should we download? Which Android app suits my needs? Which game can be interesting for me? These were the questions that we faced before the formation of the DGRoid website. We felt that users need a website to introduce Android games and apps. For this reason, in 2021, together with our colleagues, we launched the DGroid website.

How many people is our team?

Our team consists of 6 people. In the following, we have mentioned the names of each of them.

Sophia: Web Designer

Michael: Web Designer

James: SEO Specialist

Ruby: Content writer

Claire: Content writer

Nevaeh: UI /UX

The DGroid website is in no way related to Google or Google Play. We only put the APK file of the apps completely correct and without cheats and patches or any kind of manipulation on the website. We highly respect the rights of Android app publishers and never put their paid apps on DGroid for free. We only put free apps.


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